Guarded Air offers UAV/Drone services in a variety of applications and is able to offer customised solutions to meet your every need.


Asset Inspection

Why risk the safety of workers and spend money on expensive cherry pickers and scaffolding when we can send one of our UAVs up with high quality cameras to quickly and efficiently inspect your valuable assets. With live High Definition viewing and the ability to record and view footage in just minutes after landing, you can be assessing any damage and maintenance required from the comfort and safety of the ground.


Asset Inspection.JPG


Aerial Photography

Captivate your audience with stunning visuals from above, whether it is a scenic shoot or a sporting event let Guarded Air capture amazing footage with 4K HD video footage and impressive quality stills and get a different perspective for your audience.




Real Estate

Grab the attention of potential buyers for both private and commercial real estate using stunning aerial visuals with our UAVs. With 4K Video photography and high quality stills, show off properties from a unique and impressive perspective.

Private Real Estate


With our UAVs providing eyes from above, protecting your most valuable assets and looking after the safety of patrons at public events has a whole new perspective. Our UAVs are like mobile CCTV cameras and with the ability to fit Thermal imaging cameras, catching out Intruders has never been so easy and efficient.


Event Security


Construction Site Inspections

Whether it is showing off the progress of construction to important stakeholders or just documenting and assessing the progress of construction, we are able to get a complete and high quality view from above with our high quality aerial footage so you can assess contractor progress.